Sustainable Development

Frasers Property Commercial Asset Management (Thailand) Company Limited (the “Company”, “We”) which acts as the REIT Manager of the Golden Ventures Leasehold Real Estate Investment Trust, or the Golden Ventures REIT (“GVREIT”), recognizes the importance of sustainable management that is related directly to the GVREIT, the unit trust holders, and the office tenants in the office buildings in which the GVREIT has invested. We consider sustainable management in the aspect of policy development and its goals, and set an appropriate framework for effective oversight, management, and assistance, as well as preservation of the standard of living and quality of life for our personnel, employees, all our business units, and society as a whole. We also consider the consequences that may or will arise and appropriately adjust our business process to the GVREIT’s goals. The GVREIT conducts its business according to the policy frameworks and goals on the sustainable development of the Frasers Property (Thailand) Public Company Limited Group (“FPT”), particularly on the basis of stakeholder participation. We also consider the internal and external risk factors of the organization, together with opportunities, challenges, trends, and directions of technological change and innovation with the intention to cover all dimensions of economic, social and environmental aspects.

Our Responsibility

Environmental Activities

The GVREIT recognizes the important of natural resources as we all depend on natural resources and the environment for consumption and business activities. Therefore, we must know how to maximize the uses of limited resources from the very beginning of our process of material procurement, development, design, and management such as energy management, and waste management by reducing the quantities used and the reusing of materials. All of these actions aim to reduce the long term impacts on the environment, encourage business operations under environmental requirements and policy framework, and comply with social and environmental responsibility.

Social Activities

The GVREIT recognizes the importance of conducting business with integrity. We prescribe policies and guidelines for conducting our business in such a way as not to infringe or violate human rights or the protection of human rights. We stress the importance of human rights and prescribe respect for all human rights as the basis for our personnel competency development for our employees within our organization as well as individuals outside our organization such as customers, trade partners, investors, communities, as well as our supply chains. The GVREIT also recognizes that quality of life and safety are the fundamental right of every human being. We have set plans for promotion of relationship between our organization and communities by organizing social activities and activities that encourage good relationship between tenants and their customers. These activities are nonprofit by nature with the intention of encouraging participation in promoting social assistance program and actions of giving back to the society.

Corporate Governance Activities

As the REIT Manager of the GVREIT, we commit to conduct our business under the framework of good corporate governance and ethics. We prescribe them as the duties with which our employees must comply. We manage the GVREIT with integrity, conduct our operations in strict compliance with relevant rules, laws, and regulations, undertake equitable and fair treatment of all stakeholders, and disclose transparent and accurate information, avoid operations that may cause business conflicts, maximize efficiency in the management of the trust, and arrange to have adequate and proper risk management. All of these actions are taken with the consideration based on the benefits of GVREIT and the unit trust holders, with aims to create steady and sustainable returns.