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Rights, duties and responsibilities of Trustee

Trustee has a duty to manage the REIT with integrity and caution for the highest benefits of the unit holders. Trustee will manage the REIT as specified in relevant laws and regulations, Trust Deed, REIT’s objective, resolution of unit holders’ meeting and other obligations provided to unit holders (if any).

However, Trustee will not act on anything that will create a conflict with REIT although that action is for the benefits of either Trustee itself or other parties. This does not include the Trustee fee received from REIT or any action that is fair to unit holders and Trustee has publicly disclosed the information to unit holders beforehand and doesn’t receive any objection from unit holders. The information disclosure and objection process will be as specified by relevant laws and regulations of SEC Board and SEC.

Roles of Trustee as specified in Trust Deed are as follows:

  • Monitor and inspect REIT Manager to ensure that REIT Manager manages the REIT per Trust Deed and relevant laws.
  • Report to SEC and take actions as appropriate to mitigate any damage as a result of REIT Manager’s actions or inactions causing damage to REIT or negligence to follow relevant contracts, laws and regulations.
  • Participate in unit holders meeting and provide opinion whether a resolution aligns with Trust Deed and relevant rules and regulations or not.
  • Manage REIT as necessary to protect, restrain or limit of any serious damage to the benefits of REIT or overall unit holders in case that REIT Manager has unable to perform its duties. This shall include the power to appoint the new REIT Manager.
  • Provide opinion in Annual Report whether REIT Manager has managed the REIT per Trust Deed and relevant rules and regulations or not.