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Duties and Responsibilities of the Trustee

The Trustee has its duties to administer the REIT with professional integrity of honesty, caution, and expertise. It shall equitably treat beneficiaries with intention to provide them with maximum benefits, while performing its duties efficiently and independently in accordance with the Trust Deed, relevant laws, and additional commitments (if any) to investors.

The Trustee has the main duties as prescribed in the Trust deed which are:

  • Monitor, supervise, and review that the REIT Manager manages the REIT according to the Trust Deed and relevant laws.
  • In an event that the REIT Manager acts or refrains from any action and such action or inaction causes damage to the REIT, or the REIT Manager fails to perform its duties as prescribed in the agreements and under applicable laws, the Trustee shall report to the Security Exchange Commission Office, and shall resolve, restrain, or remedy any damage incurred, as deemed appropriate.
  • Attend all unit holder meetings. If a resolution of a unit holder meeting is requested, the Trustee shall answer questions and provide opinions on the REIT operations whether or not such operations are performed according to the Trust Deed or relevant laws. The Trustee shall also oppose and inform unit holders if such operations cannot be carried out, or if such operations are not in compliance with the Trust Deed or applicable laws.
  • In an event that the REIT Manager fails to perform its duties, the Trustee shall administer the REIT as necessary to prevent, restrain, or limit any occurrence of severe damage that may impair the benefits of the REIT or unit holders in general. The Trustee is also empowered to find a new REIT manager.
  • Prepare its report to be submitted to unit holders together with the REIT’s annual report, and express its opinions on the REIT Manager’s performance in managing the REIT, as well as the compliance of the REIT Manager’s work with the conditions as prescribed in the Trust Deed.

Additionally, unit holders can find the detailed information on the Trustee’s scope of duties and responsibilities in the Trust Deed.

Trustee Fee

For the entire contract period of the Trust Deed, the Trustee shall receive its trustee fee and custodian fee which shall be at the rate of no more than 0.3% of the Net Asset Value (NAV) of the REIT with a minimum fee limit being set at Baht 8 million per annum. (In the event of a capital increase, as the work and the duties of the Trustee shall also increase, the minimum limit may be raised)