under the SEC regulation and Capital Market Act B.E.2550 on 22nd March 2016 and listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand on 4th April 2016. GVREIT entrust Frasers Property Commercial Asset Management (Thailand) Company Limited (Old name Univentures REIT Management Company Limited) as a REIT manager and Kasikorn Asset Management Company Limited as a trustee of the REIT. The core investment of GVREIT is focused on Grade A office building that outstanding in term of architecture, innovation, and novel construction.

Our first Investment was

leasehold right of the Park Ventures Ecoplex Office building (excluded the Okura Prestige Bangkok), located on the corner of Wireless road and Ploenchit road (connect to the Ploenchit BTS station directly),
sub-leasehold right of Sathorn Square Office Building, located on the corner of Sathorn road and Narathiwat Ratchanakarin road (connect to the Chong nonsi BTS station directly).
Frasers Property Commercial Asset Management (Thailand) (Old name Univentures REIT Management ) acts as REIT Manager, Kasikorn Asset Management as a trustee, JayDee Partners as a financial advisor and North Sathorn Realty as a property manager. For the offering of trust units, Frasers Property Commercial Asset Management (Thailand) has appointed KASIKORNBANK as a sole underwriter. Proceeds from equity offering, loan from financial institutions (after deducting related expenses) and rental deposits will be applied for investment in leasehold rights of building of Park Ventures Ecoplex (excluding the Okura Prestige Bangkok) and sub-lease right of land and building of Sathorn Square.

Investment highlights of GVREIT

prime quality of Grade A office building with distinct architecture and innovative design and construction. Both buildings are also eco-friendly and have received Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Certificate from U.S. Green Building Council,

LEED Platinum level for Park Ventures Ecoplex

LEED Gold level for Sathorn Square

Moreover, the investment assets are also unique in term of their prime location, in which both of them are located in the Central Business District of Bangkok with direct access to BTS.

Frasers Property Commercial Asset Management (Thailand) Company Limited as a REIT Manager will appoint North Sathorn Realty, which has more than 20 years of managing office projects, to act as a property manager. It is expected that GVREIT will create a good return to investors in the long run in the form of Distribution.

Investment Policy

The REIT will primarily invest in income-generating properties and/or securities and/or other assets or seek commercial benefits by other means for the benefits of unit holders. For the equity offering, REIT Manager will determine the offering price by considering bookbuilding, capital market condition and investors’ expected returns.

Benefits to Unitholders

Consistent returns

REIT will pay distribution to unit holders at least 90% of adjusted net profits.

Minimal Capital Requirement

Less capital is required for investment with higher liquidity, compared with direct investment in real estate

Stable returns

Opportunity to receive stable returns from investment assets

Opportunity to receive capital
gain and reduce inflation risk

Investment Highlights

High quality office buildings

located in the centralbusiness district, with convenient transportation

Grade A office buildings

Park Ventures Ecoplex and Sathorn Square are Grade A office buildings with distinctive, modern and eco-friendly design. Both buildings have received Leadership in Energy and Environmental

Design Certificate from U.S.
Green Building Council

Platinum and Gold level for Park Ventures Ecoplex and Sathorn Square respectively. In addition, both buildings are located in the central business district of Bangkok and have convenient transportation; they are on the main roads and directly connected to BTS stations.

Leading and diversified tenants

Tenants are composed of well-known, financially stable Thai and International companies. Tenants are also well-diversified in term of industry, making REIT’s revenue to be independent of one industry or tenant.

Positive outlook for Grade A
CBD office for rent industry

The outlook for office for rent industry is positive due to limited supply in the near future and growing demand. This has resulted in excellent occupancy and rental growth rates, especially for Grade A offices in CBD and close to public transportation.

Growth opportunity via
additional asset investment

GVREIT has received the right to offer and right of first refusal for the existing and future office assets, owned by Golden Land Property Development Public Company Limited and/or Univentures Public Company Limited. In case that GVREIT has refused to accept that proposal, transferring ownership or providing leasehold or sub-lease to other parties on the better condition (in the view of beneficiary) than what GVREIT is offered is prohibited

Investment assets managed by experienced professional

North Sathorn Realty as a property manager has more than 20 years of managing and developing hotel and commercial projects. Prior to the investment by REIT, Sathorn Square project is developed and run by North Sathorn Realty, given such expertise in the field, North Sathorn Realty is well familiar of the investment assets.